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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

FHM Philippines July 2009

FHM Philippines 100 Sexiest 2009








Nicole School Girl







Very Cute Teen

Beauty Talks Drinks Cum

Melissa Lauren Drinks Cum

Bride Forced Fucked By Friend

1000 Facials - Valerie Simone

Milfs Vero&Amparo 48 pics


Last but not least, Mikey Butders shining moment. Spring break, South Beach, and I decide to go out late for milk and bread. Seriously now. I see these two walking around with drinks in their hand. “Hello.” I said. Yada yada yada, get them back to the pad, start taking pics of them, just pics, they weren't going to do porn they said. “ok” I start clicking away, they are getting close to each other, I say “why don't you go ahead and kiss.” More like a command than a question. That's it, it was on. I discreetly called my partner down to the pad, gave him the camera, and jumped into the fray. Let me tell you, this shit is BLAZIN' HOT, a night these two girls will never, ever forget.


Milfs Ariel&Dasani - 421 pics


Crazy ass Dasani. This is the kind of hoe your mothers warned you about, the kind of hoe your dad was fucking on the side. This bitch gets down, sucks a mean dick, takes a mean dick, loves pussy just as much as cock, and drinks cum like water. If you want hot hardcore action, look no further. Ariel joins in and our Stud fucks these 2 like it was going to be his last time fucking, fulfilling all his fantasies; having 2 tongues going up and down his shaft, having his balls licked while drilling some ass from behind, pretty much the works. Hot stuff.

Milf Fiona - 233 pics


When you marry such a sly-looking blonde cutie, you should watch out. This is what we would have told Fiona's husband, but fortunately we did not meet the guy. Instead we slammed his pretty young wife with cock. Or wait, with two cocks! One meatstick is no longer enough for those young blonde sluts. Just look at this married bitch, eating one dick while the other pounds her still tight asshole. She left home with a double portion of cum inside, hope the poor man never finds out.

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